Germany’s Next Topmodel 2013: Heidi’s Horror Picture Show


I am the first to admit: I watch Germany’s Next Topmodel (GNTM) but is it just me or was this year’s finale even worse than the years before? 

Heidi Klum looks great in front of a camera but let’s face it, she is not a professional TV reporter. Seriously, why does somebody get to host a show if they can’t even read off a teleprompter or say “super” about 237 times (but who is counting?) ? While Heidi at least looks gorgeous (though, I did not approve of her dress choice that night:, I can’t say the same about her two-men posse. Thomas Hayo and Enrique Badulescu seemed to be completely lost and every time they ventured to say something, you wished they hadn’t. Didn’t anybody think of giving Thomas Hayo some German lessons first? It has to be embarrassing if Mexican photographer Enrique Badulescu is more articulate!

What is even worse, after 14 weeks of honest, straight-forward criticism, now, during the live show, all of a sudden everything they do is just perfect and great and you’ll never find out why dear Lovelyn became Germany’s next top model and not Maike. 

On top of that, the TV crew from ProSieben must have had some outrageous party the night before because they all seemed to have lost it. The microphones were still on when Heidi thought they were off (so we all got to hear that she was sweating!), a naked lady somehow got passed security showing her breasts on stage and to make matters even worse (if this is even possible), ProSieben reporter and former GNTM finalist Rebecca Mir had a complete black out (my favorite question to the wannabe-models on stilts: how’s the air up there?). 

If you can take it, take a look yourself. This is a youtube clip showing the beginning of the show: