Polanski has spoken


“Since the birth control pill has been invented, women have become more masculine.” I guess dear Roman just couldn’t help himself at the Cannes film festival and simply HAD TO blurt this out. Right, when you are at a film festival surrounded by the most beautiful women, THIS is exactly the kind of thought that crosses your mind!

Anyway, this got me thinking:

1. When did Polanski become an expert on female hormones (and how? is he on birth control??)

2. If you are looking for any positive comment on the pill, I am not your girl (or guy, according to Polanski…) but I HAVE taken it and as far as me and all of my (still) female friends are concerned, I haven’t noticed any hair growth, my voice hasn’t gotten deeper and I also don’t feel the urge to hang out with my buddies and watch the football game)

3. If Roman spoke in metaphors, as he claims, and he meant to say that birth control allows women to be more independent and confident – since when are these male attributes???

4. Or did I get it all wrong, and he was talking about his next movie (a new interpretation of Evil Dead) where a young woman takes a cursed pill and turns into a zombie (played by Romanski himself)?