Sex and the City is turning 15 today!

Which reminds me of two things:

a) I am really getting older 


b) How many great memories I have of this show that I love, cherish and absolutely ADORE

These are my Top 4 memories of Sex & The City:

1. The fake Fendi bag episode where Samantha gets into a serious cat fight that ends in the pool

2. When Miranda has finally had it with the sleazy construction worker hitting on her and tells him to get it over with and fuck her if he has the guts (her words, not mine!) … he hasn’t!

3. Carrie and Aiden have an ongoing argument about scrunchies. While Carrie says no woman in her right mind in NYC wears a scrunchy since the 80s, Aiden wants to prove her wrong. Until he finally finds a lady with a scrunchy. When asked about her hair accessory she answers with the thickest Texan accent.

4. When Charlotte develops a serious addiction to a vibrator called “The Rabbit”

What’s your favorite Sex and the City moment?