Pulling my hair            

This is what happens when you’re traveling around the world for too long – you have no idea what’s actually going on any more!

So when I found this video the other day, I was shocked! Not by its content (though, dipping your hair in paint and then whipping it around, really? is this the new headbanging?) but by its performer, Willow Smith. She looked strangely familiar but when I realized she is Will Smith’s daughter, I was taken aback! What? In my mind, Smith’s kids are teeny and holding mummy’s and daddy’s hand at an award ceremony. How did they grow up so fast that now they have their own website/twitter account / facebook fan page??? 

Well, if you happen to be as clueless as me as to current teenager developments or if you just want to see a young lady whip her hair, this one’s for you!