Girlfriend’s Blog Sheds Light On Snowden’s Time In Hawaii

TPM has takein it upon themselves to reveal every possible detail about NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. To what end? That remains either a mystery of investigative journalism or is found in the newspaper rack next to “sensationalism”. The last piece in TPM’s great investigation seems to be Snowden’s girlfriend’s blog, L’s journey: 

(the site has been suspended, mind you). Reading the article on TPM, I highly question their motives. What great news came out of this blog? A picture of a man in a new apartment that might be Snowden (or not and even if, so what???). A sad girlfriend (duh!). A visit from his parents to Hawaii (maybe to see him, maybe not). I was taught in journalism school that this type of facts can be called “speculative” at best and while I agree that Mr. Snowden has become a person of interest, I wish TPM journalists would dedicate their time to searching for hard facts and writing relevant articles!

Girlfriend’s Blog Sheds Light On Snowden’s Time In Hawaii