Obama walks the line

So Obama’s red line has been crossed. Meaning: There is proof of chemical weapons used by the army of Assad in Syria against the rebels. Apparently 100-150 people were killed. While I am sure it is interesting to speculate what this means (Will the U.S. now support the Islamic radicals? How? And why are Obama and Clinton fighting over this anyway?), I found it far more interesting what YOU out there had to say about the topic. So I collected a few comments that I think are highly entertaining:

“Thank you george punk bush and dick evilboy cheney and of course fat criminal punk karl rove. Thank you so much for stealing billions of US Taxpayer dollars, murdering hundreds of thousands of children and their parents and basically screwing up most of the world.” – by DannyODay on NPR

Are we sure this time?” – by Joey Fish on npr.org

“This isn’t terribly difficult. A couple of Reaper drones. Some strategic carpet-bombing of presidential palaces and important military installations. Assad is a scorched corpse. American might flexed. No more using chemical weapons on one’s own people. Set up a puppet regime. Problem solved.” – by Jake Blues on nytimes.com

“Perhaps we can parade John kerry at the UN with a little phial of sarin gas before we obliterate Damascus.” – by South African on nytimes.com

“Yes the Iranians are just going to sit back and let you bomb their military sites because you are superman and they are neanderthals right??” – by Mazo on foreignpolicy.com

“What’s Obama’s pink line reading?” – by bobgivens on foxnews.com

My only comment is: I am surprised that so many Americans read the news are so well-informed about foreign policy!