The Kim Drama (is that where the word “Karma” comes from???)

One time, in the supermarket, waiting in line (forever!!!), I stumbled upon the gathered collection of Kimagazines. Or at least that’s what it looked like since every magazine had another “exclusive” insight into Kim’s delivery. And while all this information was extremely enlightening (if I am ever going to be a celebrity, carrying Kanye West’s child), I would like to say a word (or two, or 100 …) to the famous people hunters: You are pathetic! Literally every single magazine talks about Kim’s birth and pregnancy as if they were best pals with Ms. Kardashian. Update: Reading somebody’s twitter account doesn’t make you their BFF! 

And if this wasn’t enough, it’s all about backstabbing Kim, through a pink cloud of Dior perfume. These are my three favorite kimstabbings: 

– Kim’s mom left her alone after the delivery while most mom’s would have stayed. (In other words: Guess what?! Mommy Kim sat through many painful hours of the delivery and then kinda had a charity gala to run to!)

– Kanye left her all alone throughout the pregnancy. (In other words: They guy is a superstar and is coming up with a new album, that he – “mean” as he is – decided to promote while he thought his gul wouldn’t be in labor yet!)

– Kim opted against breastfeeding because she didn’t want to give up Botox. (In other words: The writer is probably a bitter old lady with a wrinkly face.)


Piece of advise? Next time when you have to wait in line somewhere, pick a gardening magazine!