Star Trek: Into Darkness

P1080192I am not a Trekkie. Never have been. To my embarrassment, I can’t even do the Vulcan Salute properly (it looks more like a failed attempt to count to three than “live long and prosper”). I vaguely remember watching TV one afternoon as a child and seeing a space ship, a guy with funny ears and hearing something about “beaming.” You get the idea…
So here I am now, watching the new Star Trek movie, “Into Darkness” – and I was really disappointed. Clearly, I can’t compare it to another Star Trek movie nor do I know too much about the movies, the story or the characters. BUT – even I could still see that Captain Kirk aka Chris Pine was as close to an imposing leader as Donald Duck. I read that he screwed up his first audition because “he was not convincing as a leader” – duh! Beats me why he still got the part! And then – if this is Star Trek, why the hell do they spend so much time on earth? An earth that is supposed to be in the year 2259 and the writers couldn’t come up with a more far out future than really sophisticated i Pads?! As little as I know about Star Trek, I am pretty sure this is NOT why Trekkies have been around for 40 years. On the bright side –  this movie did have one good outcome. Now I really want to watch the original series!