Who Will Protect Our Sons: A Response to the Trayvon Martin Trial

Who Will Protect Our Sons: A Response to the Trayvon Martin Trial

This is a fellow blogger’s response to the Trayvon Martin – George Zimmerman trial. It is an angry, an emotional and a very personal response and in many ways this response stands opposite from mine. To me, these two responses come from very different standpoints, you could say the micro and the macro perspective, but both are equally valid. I still don’t think that the Martin-Zimmerman case is the best example for racism in the US but as this post shows, racism in this country goes way back. And there is still A LOT that has to change. But let me say one thing (as somebody who has in vain tried to fit in for 20 years): I get the anger and frustration, believe me, I do. But don’t turn this into “them” against “us”, the world is not Black and White. There are many shades of gray and you’ll risk turning them all into a boring two-color-palette. It’s not worth it! Why try to fit in when you are different? That’s not the fight you need to fight. The real fight is to show the world that we ALL are different. Yes, I get why you are angry and mad and upset and frustrated and as you write “swimming in your own hurt”. But what comes after this? Hatred? Despair? Neither of these options seem helpful or productive. Grieve. Let out your anger. And then, fight for a future where your son can be proud to be different!