Giraffe Madness on Facebook and Some Logical Problems

Recently, the giraffe has probably become the most popular profile picture on facebook. Image

Why? It’s got nothing to do with how cute it looks nor is the giraffe the animal of the year. It’s all about this riddle!

3:00 am and you are fast asleep. The doorbell rings: unexpected visitors. It’s your parents and they are there for breakfast. You have strawberry jam, honey, wine, bread and cheese. What is the first thing you open? 

Warning: If you want to figure out the answer for yourself, stop reading here and … well, come back to this post after that! Now the two answers that are accepted as correct are obviously none of the above mentioned food items (duh, it’s a trick question y’all!). The two correct answers are: “the door” or “your eyes”. And this is where I have to take out nerdy me and say: These answer don’t make sense! Think about it. The riddle states that you are asleep. The doorbell rings and there are your parents wanting to have breakfast. If you know that it is your parents ringing the door bell, you must have a) already opened your eyes, b) seen that it is 3 AM, c) walked to the door and d) opened the door. So to me, at this point, the first thing you open is either your arms to hug your parents (although, really, at 3 AM??), or the refrigerator door, or really the wine (it is 3 AM after all). Now, in order for the expected answers to make sense (the door or the eyes), the sentence should be phrased differently, something like: 

It is 3.00 AM and while you are fast asleep, your parents have come to your house for an early breakfast. They stand in front of your door, while you are snoring away. At this point, you have in your fridge: strawberry jam, honey, wine, bread and cheese. What is the thing you open first?

In this scenario only does it make sense to open your eyes first or maybe the door – as the context and the grammar of the story clearly state that you have not opened your eyes yet and not realized that your parents are standing outside your door. Correct me if I’m wrong – the language nerd game is ON!